WELCOME to the 1st ROUND of SuperStars Fantasy LEAGUE (BBL 2017-18) !!!

Hopefully you've gone through all the details about contest available at the following link:


If not, Please visit the above given link, read & understand all the details & fill the form. You can visit CricBuzz or Cricinfo for official squads & all the details about BBL 2017-08 including Teams, Squads, News, Fixtures etc.

Helpful Links:
- http://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-series/2600/big-bash-league-2017-18
- http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/_/id/8044/big-bash-league/
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PICK 10 : Select your Captain for BBL 2017-18?
SQUAD : {{answer_p8MGLRaYwpJG}}, {{answer_NpGBfVHCjPtX}}, {{answer_idCb9XBCNK6d}}, {{answer_ZY152l8xkATI}}, {{answer_DgWeSsoiBUsZ}}, {{answer_kTfL9NPwCMog}}, {{answer_DJngMCVYpoOe}} , {{answer_cn33VEcDLSyv}} . *

{{answer_JixXFX0ygcl7}}, You will be able to change your Captain after Every Round. He must be selected from 8 selected player's SQUAD shown in this Question.
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BBL STAR Fantasy LEAGUE 2017-18

Roster of Player : {{answer_JixXFX0ygcl7}}

Pick 1 : {{answer_p8MGLRaYwpJG}}
Pick 2 : {{answer_NpGBfVHCjPtX}}
Pick 3 : {{answer_idCb9XBCNK6d}}
Pick 4 : {{answer_ZY152l8xkATI}}
Pick 5 : {{answer_DgWeSsoiBUsZ}}
Pick 6 : {{answer_kTfL9NPwCMog}}
Pick 7 : {{answer_DJngMCVYpoOe}}
Pick 8 : {{answer_cn33VEcDLSyv}}
Icon Player : {{answer_68973890}}

Captained by {{answer_69082830}}
Fan Team : {{answer_68974130}}

Thanks for your Participation !!!

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